Trisha Brown-Leweke

Trisha Brown Leweke, has been practicing Stone Medicine since 2012 and teaching since 2016.  She has developed Mother Bear Medicinals with Stone Medicine treatments as the foundation. She is a recognized healing arts leader and instructor in her community.

Trisha recently completed a 15-month intensive Stone Medicine program called the Medicine Path Program.  This program furthered her own practice of Native traditions both personally and professionally.  We are honored to have Trisha as a Stone Medicine Instructor.  Her vast healing arts experience provides a broad perspective for her students and clients.  Students are usually transformed by their experience in Trisha’s classes.  We have many testimonials of student’s renewed motivation and inspiration for their healing arts’ work after attending Trisha’s Stone Medicine classes.

Please view our calendar to see Trisha’s upcoming course offerings.

You can email Trisha at or via her website: