About Stone Medicine

Over 10,000 years ago, the ancestors of Native American tribes began offering stones to the body for wellness. Stone Medicine introduces these ancient traditions using heated and chilled stones, gem and crystal stones, and various animal ‘medicines’ (energies). In ancient times, the hot stones were gathered from sunny river banks and ocean shores. The sun heated basalt was used to soften muscle tissue in combination with the water cooled stones, collected from the river, lake or ocean to reduce swelling and inflammation. Stone Medicine is the only NCBTMB approved provider with courses in stone massage that are based on these ancient healing practices.

Stone Medicine courses are constantly evolving with new and ever-changing scientific research. Stone Medicine treatments are not intended only to affect the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual body as well. By clearing the body of unhealthy energies and reconnecting it to the perfect balance of Mother Earth, the body’s ability to heal itself is re-established. You and your client will be immersed in a deeper understanding of the wisdom of wellness from the Inyan Oyate (Stone Nation).

Currently, Stone Medicine offers 38 NCBTMB Board Certified continuing education courses emphasizing proven science, contraindications, hygiene, sanitation, safety procedures, proper temperature control, and unique application techniques, along with amazing ceremonial offerings, to ensure that the highest standards are being met by professional stone massage therapy practitioners worldwide. Click the Courses tab above for brief descriptions of each class.

Certified Stone Medicine Instructors offer workshops throughout the world. After years of training and experience with Stone Medicine, they bring their unique gifts to the class room. When you join one of our instructors in a workshop we pledge to you, that along with the technical aspects and scientific education of Geothermal Therapy, you will receive the history and traditions of Stone Medicine. We may offer a free gift of ceremonies that will change your life. We never charge for ceremony. Click on the Instructors tab above to learn more about these talented and dedicated professionals. Visit the Calendar tab for information on scheduled classes and  events.

Stone Medicine LLC is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a Board Certified, massage continuing education, Approved Provider. (#451227-10)



There are thousands of people worldwide who have taken courses or experienced a Stone Medicine session. A few testimonials are offered here but cannot do justice to the wonderful things said about Stone Medicine and the instructors who offer this training.

“I felt my self letting go of keeping track of all that was going on and moving into the full experience. In the end, I came away with a deep appreciation for the entire ceremony, refreshed and light from the session.” The late Robert Calvert, previous owner/editor Massage Magazine, wrote this after his first treatment and then wrote a cover story for the July/Aug. 2004 issue, bringing Stone Medicine to the public.

“Thank you Jenny for bringing Stone Medicine, the ‘Native Way’ out into the world to bless us all….. We are honored and are in deep appreciation for all who now walk in a sacred way” Mary Nelson, founder LaStone Therapy

“Beyond any expectations that I could have had….A lot of enjoyment and enlightenment …. Learned techniques and in-depth information that will change the way I offer stones plus enhanced my personal growth” Colette (Stone Medicine)

“As a devoted Christian woman I was a bit nervous about this class with ‘Shamanism’ involved, but it was so highly recommended I had to come. Thank the Lord, I did! I feel closer to my personal spiritual practice than I ever have before, my prayer life is enhanced!” Vikki (Stone Medicine)

“What an exceptional teacher! …always ready to help and answer any question with dignity and generosity …. I know some of the Root People now! ….. ” Becky (Rain Bath)

“Awesome totally awesome! Who knew there was such power in plant oils and stones? Only the Indians I guess.” Oleg (Rain Bath)

“My experiences with the Altar and prayer ties has given me strength…Thank you so much for the opportunity to seek ceremony with others” Jody (Healing Hands)

“I am very grateful to have had this experience; I have changed & will continue to change… I would highly recommend this class to friends…. ” Bob S. (Drum Making)

“I laughed till I cried, listened to sad stories till I cried, found healing for my self until I cried, now I am free to be me and I don’t need to cry accept for joy.” Kathy (Finding my Power)

“I have been a LaStone Therapists for several years but now feel more at ease with the stones, Thank You forever” Elizabeth, (Stone Medicine)

“Jenny is easy to understand clear and engaging in her delivery of this ancient knowledge…. No ego or pomp only true, heart felt words of wisdom…” Denise (Sacred Strokes 1)

“I have taken many classes during my 20 years as a healer and cannot remember one that has affected me so deeply. Thank you to everyone at Stone Medicine for making this a life changing event for me.” Della (Sacred Strokes 2)
“I became more connected to Mother Earth and the universe in this class…Now I will offer wellness not just a treatment to my clients.” Henri, (Sacred Strokes 1)