Sandra Hoak

Harrisonburg, Virginia

Sandra is certified to teach Rain Bath, Stone Medicine 1, and multiple Sacred Strokes courses, including: Grandmother Cedar, Wolf, Wase,

Sandra Hoak began training with Stone Medicine over a decade ago. She has become an instructor and hosted many workshop events during this time. Through these years of advanced education and hard work Sandra was nudged by her inner voice to take action. Real action to help preserve the traditions of this indigenous medicine.

She knew there was a better way to bring stones to the massage profession than relying on a few random, scattered CE courses. Sandra understood that most massage schools focus on Swedish massage techniques that have been taught for generations with a few added modalities that could give the student a taste of other methods. She knew she wanted to focus on more current science and on a North American massage modality that could relate to students from the US. Sandra dreamed of creating a fully certified school program that was based on the traditions of Stone Medicine. Cedar Stone School of Massage was her answer.

Her years in business and body work, her studies in psychology and the exploration into how to open a school soon released her natural enthusiasm for wellness and helped shape her plans. Now in only a few short years Sandra has established the school and a top of the line companion business called Cedar Stone Spa.

Through all the twists and turns of opening a new business Sandra has managed to create a franchise system to help spread the education she and her talented team are perfecting. While teaching all the required courses and maintaining the highest standards of modern massage education, Sandra has managed to integrate the traditions and training of Stone Medicine in one seamless package of excellence.

In addition to the school and the spa Sandra has developed a stone vending company as well. Cedar Stones, gathering stones from around the world and bringing them to Harrisonburg, Virginia, USA where the basalt is tumbled and the many carved marble, gem stones and crystals are sorted, categorized, packaged and prepared for sale to the students of stone massage courses.

These three separate yet unified businesses keep Sandra very busy. She continues to host Jenny Ray once or twice a year to offer CE courses as well as hosting other modality specialists. Sandra continues her own education in the traditions of Native American spiritual practices. Sandra contracted with Jenny to create the Stone Massage course materials for Cedar Stone School of Massage, making it the first and only massage school with a foundation in Native traditions.

The Red Road has adopted Sandra and her appreciation is shown in her willingness to support various traditions. Sandra hosts Sweat Lodge on her property, where as a ‘Water Woman’. She trains folks in Native protocol and traditional ceremonies. Sandra made her own Wakhan Chanupa (Sacred Pipe) during a training visit at Jenny’s home a few years back and has been trained in the art of Pipe Carrier. Sandra has received a traditional name, ‘Buffalo – White Woman’ and visits Pow Wow events when her time allows.

Stone Medicine is very proud of the work Sandra does for the Stone Tribe and the confidence she has placed in this wellness method. For information about CE classes in many modalities as well as a quality stone massage education, please contact Sandra via e-mail at her school address. and visit the web site for additional information