Advanced Rain Bath

Using hot and cold stone therapy techniques combined with essential oils Advanced Rain Bath blends modern science with ancient traditions. Advanced Rain Bath teaches you four unique essential oil ‘recipes’ for four individual treatment sessions. Each ‘recipe’ has a name that designates the oils you will use, special stroke alternatives to achieve the goal of each session and specific stone layouts. Prerequisite Rain Bath

Dream Weaver

The magic of Dream Weaver offers the client a group of six oils placed in a specific order to help support sleep and enhance the dream experience. Each oil has properties that help relax the client and improve their ability to stay asleep and awake refreshed. The stone layout is similar to the original layout used in Rain Bath with the exception of temperatures. The location of specific temperatures and the layering of these oils along with the “Eagle Wing” stroke will improve the client’s ability to remember their dreams. Because the Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep period, when dreaming is most active, occurs later in the sleep cycle, the client should not remove the essential oils for 24 hours.


Hot and cold stone application techniques along with the essential oil combinations offer a stabilizing balance for the body, mind, spirit connection. If a client is feeling ‘spacey’, ‘out of sorts’, ‘un-focused’ or ‘disjointed’ this session can help them find their bearings. They will feel more ‘rooted’ and ‘confident’ after receiving this session.


Special “Lightening and Thunder” (piezoelectric affect) vibration and various hot and cold stone applications help bring the client to an enhanced state of awareness. This treatment helps the client develop focus and energy. The oil combination along with specific strokes helps them feel alive and rejuvenated. Many clients enjoy this session after air travel as it helps relieve jet lag.


Native people have always believed in visions as a way to follow Creator’s teachings. Many tribes had ceremonies such as ‘Shamanic Journey’ that encouraged visioning to help one find answers to many life issues. These visions might be considered ‘day dreams’ or ‘imagination’ in our modern way of expressing them. The goal of this recipe is to enhance the imagination, encourage creativity and stimulate both the physical and spiritual ‘vision’.

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