Shamanic Journey

Indigenous cultures around the world relied on the ‘Shaman’ to help with relieving everything from physical stress, emotional turmoil and even mental illness. In this self-help class you will discover answers from your subconscious mind that can enlighten your awareness and comprehension on many levels. The ceremonial approach to ‘journey’ work in this class is pleasant and relaxing. Your one day class will feel like a mini retreat. Be good to yourself and take this class for your personal growth and self-improvement.

The process involves a form of guided meditation where the participant allows themselves to be led through visioning, in a day dreaming state, to explore other worlds, experiences, other times in history, the animal kingdom, the future or other realities. The calming drum beat reminds us of ancient times and simpler civilizations where there was no separation of spirit, self, society or culture.

The Shaman uses specific rhythms of the drum beat to lull the participant into an alpha state. This is not a form of hypnosis, because the participant is fully conscious at all times. This state of consciousness is completely safe, relaxing and voluntary. The alpha state can be interrupted at any time by the participant without the instructor assisting in the ‘awakening’ process.

During all workshops several traditional ceremonies are gifted to the students. The first is a ‘Smudging’ done with sage and a full explanation of the history and meaning behind this common practice. Like many spiritual practices smudge is offered in various ways, with different herbs and for specific reasons. Even though the most common is for clearing or cleansing, hearing the way indigenous tribes of North and South America expressed this ritual is very enlightening. There are various herbs for special intentions and this class will teach you which ones serve best, according to our ancestors, for several ceremonies.

Each culture has a slightly different method and intention behind the use of smoke as a cleanser and purifier. This gentle form of aroma therapy is implemented to set the stage for the ‘Journey’ experience.

The group will gather in a traditional ‘Sacred Circle’ and establish an altar. There is instruction and education about the significance of the ‘Four Directions’ and how they are honored by various tribes. As you participate in the re-enactment of this ancient ceremony you will discover how our modern society is still reliant on ritual and ceremony.

After the group has been led on a ‘Shamanic Journey’ into the animal kingdom there is a discussion period that helps with the understanding of the experience. The animals that presented themselves are explained in terms of their spiritual meaning and the ‘medicine’ (energy) associated with them according to ancient traditions. A discussion of the day’s events and how to apply the information gathered during the ‘Shamanic Journey’ concludes the workshop.

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