(Home study 6 CE)

This ethics course meets the requirements established by NCBTMB.

The manual is clearly written with pertinent information to support the professional massage therapist in meeting and exceeding all professional and ethical behaviors.

This course adds new insight to a subject studied again and again. It goes beyond the standard list of ethical rules, it reminds us of the importance of fully honoring the client/therapist relationship. It reminds us of the sacred duty we have to protect the client and our industry. The information is easy to digest and offers new insights on how we can show respect for Mother Earth with ethical environmental practices. We discover how important it is to honor the cultures who brought our favorite modalities to the massage industry. Learning the roots of various massage modalities is an interesting bonus in this required course.

The written exam is quick and easy to take with no trick questions. This honest straightforward approach to Ethics is refreshing and interesting as it takes into account many vulnerabilities our clients can face.

We believe in the professional massage therapist and offer a respectful approach to delivering this mandatory education to you at a reasonable fee.