Stone Medicine Series

Level 1 Course

This two day 16 CE course is a pre-requisite for the more advanced hot and cold stone massage classes. This course offers the most unique and current research available in safety, sanitation and alternating temperatures in the stone massage profession. This introduction to Native American stone massage methods will assist you in advancing your career.

Using various temperatures, specific pressure and vibrations will relieve stress, stimulate circulation, remove inflammation, alleviate pain, enhance the immune system, aid detoxification, improve lymphatic drainage, reduce swelling and enhance over-all health. Stone Medicine is one of the most profound stone massage treatments available today.

Joining this ever-changing scientific evidence is the un-changing traditions of our ancestors. This class will allow you to participate in re-enactments of ancient ceremonies while hearing legends and stories from the first “Stone Walkers”. Enjoy a renewed confidence and widening perspective on hot and cold stone massage techniques by attending the only courses based on traditional stone massage.

Ceremony is introduced as a method of connection to Mother Earth in the traditions of the ancestors who first developed this style of wellness. Ceremony is free…it is NEVER for sale. The course fees pay for your education and the presentation costs for the event.

Participation in the ceremonial activities offered during the course enlighten the gathering on how to ‘Walk the Stone People’ in honor. A variety of traditions come to life, including ‘Smudge’, ‘Prayer Tie Offerings’, ‘Calling the Directions’ and, of course, ‘Inyan Pejuta’ (Stone Medicine).

Life as a ‘Stone Walker’ is described in terms of the legend of the ‘Hollow Bone’. Accepting the ‘Stone Tribe’ as the historians of Mother Earth, with living wisdom for all humanity, enhances the practitioner’s ability to properly serve their fellow ‘Two Legged’ with an unprecedented wellness method.

In the afternoon of the first day you will watch an amazing demonstration of a typical Stone Medicine session. This one hour to 90 minute treatment is perfect in the spa or clinical setting. Each session can be altered to serve a unique treatment plan to meet your clients’ specific needs.

Learning how to elegantly place (tuck) and retrieve stones will bring a unique experience to your client. This one aspect of Stone Medicine is quick and easy to learn and enhances the quality of your massage treatment.

Whether you take a course in the great outdoors, join us in a professional Massage School or come to a convenient modern spa, you will appreciate the attention to detail and the commitment of each instructor to bring you a remarkable learning experience.

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