Spirit Art

During this exciting workshop you will create an image of a spiritual being. You do not need to be an artist or even a crafty person to learn this simple skill. You will be led step by step through a process that allows your subconscious mind to develop an image to express your inner thoughts and the healer within.

The self-development and personal-growth from this workshop is very enlightening and lots of fun. You will laugh and play like children in finger paint class yet come away with some new insights on how to be your best you!

This is not just another ‘feel good’ course on personal development. This class is designed with activities that dig deep into the personality to discover where our strengths and weaknesses lie. This is more than an art class it is a Shamanic Journey experience recognize your personal intuitive gifts.

To discover the accurate meaning behind our ‘day dreams’ or ‘visions’ we must search our own personal dream language. There is no magic dictionary where each image is explained so this becomes a very personal experience.

This class will help you learn more about your minds inner belief system. Learn to understand the wisdoms offered by your deeply intuitive subconscious. This form of self discovery is very interesting, entertaining and enlightening.

You will be able to interpret your own day-dream and express it creatively with the guidance of your instructor.

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