Medicine Path Program

The Medicine Path Program (MPP) is an education system designed for professional massage therapists (88 CE), as well as laypersons who share an interest in Native American wellness methods. This training is offered over a 15 month period with 20 days of on-site training, staged as 5 gatherings, for 4 days each. Homework assignments will be completed by the participants during the ‘Spaces-in-Between’, each gathering. Each participant will receive individual on-line consultations with the facilitator and/or recommended mentors during these ‘Spaces-in-Between’.

In our modern world it is difficult to share the ancient traditions because of time constraints. Everyone works, raises a family, and lives a busy lifestyle that no longer rewards sitting with an elder for hours every day doing the mundane chores of food gathering, preparation or preservation. These were the times when the younger generation could ask questions and be guided by the wisdom keepers. The Medicine Path Program is seeking to offer a glimpse of that learning environment to help the participants gain lasting knowledge that can lead them to the deeper wisdom they seek.

This style of learning has proven successful for eons and yet has been set aside in modern society in favor of books, exams, and data points. In the Medicine Path Program we reach back to the oral traditions, creating images, sounds, and stroke names that relate to the earth, bringing the full range of senses to our learning experience. The sight of stones on soft tissue, the smell of sage and essential oils, the sound of drums and stones tumbling together, the feel of temperature ranges, offer us a taste of the ancient medicine ways.

As we walk this path together there will be personal development sessions, as well as the healing arts training, to support your individual balance, wellness, and wisdom. The refreshing simplicity of these techniques combined with genuine physical and emotional results, brings a standard of excellence to the ‘stone massage’ industry that has been lacking since its inception in our modern profession. Developing improved body mechanics, which lessens work related stress injuries, through a ‘Dance with the Stones’ can enable you to provide what is best for your client and extend your career.

Unique hand crafted items are necessary for various aspects of this wellness method. You will learn how to make and care for the sacred items to be used in the various ceremonies, rituals, and wellness modalities.

Each gathering will focus on one of the Four Directions. The treatment method chosen for each direction is related by name and results, to the medicine (energy) of that direction. Learning the stroke (treatment) that resonates with the temperature, season, element, and animal of each direction, will support you as a Stone Medicine Practitioner in developing your personal expressions of this modality.

You can increase your client base because of the variety of treatments you will learn to offer. Your investment in this education should be easy to recover through this expanded client base, as we also help you with marketing and promotional materials. We are offering a simple monthly payment program to help support your education goals. Join the amazing Stone Walkers of an ancient Stone Medicine Tribe on this journey of discovery into Native American traditions.