Ceremonial Training

During this workshop you will have the opportunity to participate in several ceremonies. Ceremony is never for sale, it is a free gift offered by those who have learned the traditions. Your class fees are to support the person who has come to offer this education. This support includes funds for travel, meals, lodging and other expenses such as space rent, advertising, printed materials and supplies. It is important that you recognize you cannot purchase ceremony. You are paying for education only.

Although many aspects of this teaching are found in other workshops sponsored by Stone Medicine this is the only course that fully explores the traditions and rituals of many common Native American ceremonies. This education was developed to help you learn about the proper protocol for attending Native American ceremonial events.

Participants will establish an altar representing the four directions. The use of various herbs and their properties will be discussed. Sage will be used in offering traditional ‘Smudging’ and the explanation behind this ritual will be examined. The nature of Tobacco and its ‘medicine’ will be shared.

Conversations about the ‘Hollow Bone Way’, ‘The Good Medicine Path’ and the ‘Red Road’ are shared. You will learn about Native American ceremonies that are open to the public, such as Pow Wow and how to locate those in your region.

Explanations of closed ceremonies (not open to the public) such as Inipi (Sweat Lodge), Native American Church Service (Peyote Ceremony), Henblanche (Vision Quest) and Sun Dance are given with open question and answer periods. Shamanism has a relationship to Native American spiritual practices and is discussed in an open format that includes debunking many of the false claims made in our modern times.

By learning about various aspects of Shamanism you will see how ‘Mitakuye Oyasin’’ (All My Relations) affects your life and our environment.

This training is offered in an open and comfortable workshop atmosphere with an opportunity to learn how to properly approach a Medicine Person for advice or education. You will share songs with the drum, laugh at Indian humor and possibly even cry for the losses suffered by a great people as contemporary issues are discussed.

Visit the calendar page to find the next class date and location. Each course listing includes the class fees. For more information on class registration or to host a course at your location contact the instructor or the main office at: info@SacredStoneMedicine.com