Gem Stone & Crystal Massage

Through a written manual, photographs, demonstrations, lectures, hands on practice, and class discussions you will discover how to safely and respectfully use crystals and gem stones. This course was originally named “Shaman Stones” but NCBTMB chose to disallow the term ‘shaman’ in course titles. What a shame! Other indigenous modalities carry the traditional names of their founders. Names such as Reiki, Chakra Balancing, and Acupressure relate to the origins of the modality. The Native American term of Shaman is not recognized and this is one of the few indigenous wellness methods from the First Nation People!

In the world of the Shaman all work with the ‘Not Cold Ice Stone’, (more commonly known as Crystal), is taken very seriously. This course will dispel many myths about Crystal Healing. New Age philosophies and comparisons are discussed in class. While respect for the East Indian methods of working with the Chakra system is acknowledged, none of that work is practiced in this Native American modality. Discover the North American method of working with the ‘Center of Life’, ‘The Hoop of Life’, the ‘Luminous Body’ and the ‘Body as an Altar’.

Using hot and cold stone massage techniques with gem stones and crystals adds a new dimension to working with crystals. Learning a few simple geological reasons as to why your stones work so well with alternating temperatures allows you to share a more realistic explanation with your client about how this method of wellness works. Yes there is magic in the stones you use, but a lot of it has been taught with new age language that creates doubt or suspicion in the mind of some clients. Scientific explanations are taught from a variety of research projects and some New Age babble is discredited. Be prepared to open your mind to the blunt realities expressed in this course.

As an example of the different perspectives shared in this class, read this statement by the course author, Jenny Ray:

“If it took Creator billions of years to make a Crystal exactly as He wanted it, what can a simple human do to ‘program’ it? Are we arrogant enough to believe that we can permanently change the vibration of a Crystal by spinning a pendulum over it for a few seconds when Creator spent billions of years developing its perfection with His intention? Wouldn’t it be better to know how to match the client with the stone Creator made for them?”

If the student is prepared to learn valuable and practical information about the safe, and effective ways to offer Crystal and Gem stone massage, this is the class for them. Discovering the real power of the Crystal Nation and learning to use it with integrity will set your practice apart from the so called crystal healers flooding the market. The massage profession has worked diligently to improve our standing in the modern medical industry and we can now move crystal and gem stone massage into that reputable complimentary medicine genre with the science to prove this modality. Imagine how your practice will expand when you can speak in professional, knowledgeable terms about the real gifts these stones have to offer.

Crystal ‘Casting Rainbows’ with Crystals during a basalt layout.

Color Therapy is proven by science so you will find these interesting explanations have been explored in your course manual. Light therapy is prescribed by medical professionals for depression, anxiety and other emotional and mental issues such as ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ (SAD). Discover how the Shaman in ancient history understood how to offer this wellness to his/her clients. Increase your winter client base when you can offer real world solutions for this debilitating disorder.

You will learn about medically proven wellness that can be offered through special massage strokes, stone layouts, alternating temperatures, specific pressures, light, sound and vibration.

This is a healing modality that can be safely and respectfully offered in the professional setting. If you are expecting ‘woo-woo’ this is not the course for you. This is a professional massage method using beautiful stones in a hot and cold stone massage modality that can enhance wellness.

Combining “Lightening and Thunder” (piezoelectric effect) with the ‘Not Cold Ice Stone’ (crystal) along with the scientific knowledge of electro magnetic fields will give the Gem Stone and Crystal Massage Practitioner a legitimate, balanced and logical method of offering crystals to the client. This course will set your work apart from the lay people who unknowingly do a disservice to the public with false promises or misrepresentation.

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