Winter Warrior

Winter Warrior is a 2-day (16 CE) deep tissue hot and cold stone massage workshop. Using alternating temperatures as the modern medical profession suggests has proven highly beneficial. Various layouts and stroke sequences will be explored. Segments of this treatment session can be added to other modalities. The flexibility of these strokes will allow the practitioner to offer unique and original treatment plans to address the individual client’s needs.

In most Native American traditions, Winter is the time of death and purification. Because it was considered strong, powerful, and threatening, it was always respected. When combining cold winter temperatures with the bravery and strength of the Warrior, we can fight pain in new and lasting ways. While the Warrior fights the pain battle, the chilled stones bring the relaxation (hibernation) of winter, allowing the client to heal more deeply than with other forms of massage.

Alternating hot and cold stones improve lymphatic drainage and support a healthy immune system. The vasodilatation from hot stones and the vasoconstriction from cold stones, force the circulatory system to move body fluids quickly to achieve detoxifying pain free results. This method for deep tissue therapy is more comfortable and longer lasting for the client with much less stress on the practitioners body. The practitioner with this knowledge will quickly expand their client base as word spreads about the amazing results they can achieve in one session!

The Warrior was honored by our ancestors for his swift hunting skills, having learned to make the best shot possible. This translates into the stone work as the most effective way to offer pain relief quickly and cleanly with no suffering on the part of the client or the practitioner. The Warrior always moves with confidence and sure-footed steps, just at the therapist learns to use firm, confident pressure when offering cold stones. The hunter floats along the ground on light feet, being sure not to break branches and make noise. This reminds us that after the stones shift to cool temperatures, we can glide them along the body in such a way that the flow of healing water will be felt by the client.

In ancient times the Native people would collect stones heated by the sun to warm and soften tissue prior to the introduction of the chilled stones to bring pain relief. Cold ocean, river or lake waters chilled the stones for application on swollen and inflamed areas of the body.

Winter was the bringer of death, and the Warrior brought death as well, so they are related in this duty. To kill only when necessary, but be willing to do so, was thought to be a form of bravery. The brave Winter Warrior can kill the pain that the client does not need, restoring balance and harmony once again.

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